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I don’t usually make New Year resolutions, because, well, I never follow through on them. However, this year, my niece Christine, who is also a writer, posted that she has created a No Regret List. Similar to a Bucket List, the items on her No Regret List are goals she wants to at least attempt to accomplish in her lifetime. I love this idea and mulled it over for a few days. What would be on my No Regrets List?

Well, I kept coming back to more general items. IOW, if I died tomorrow, what would I really regret not having done? There is one thing that overrides everything else; I want to write more and faster. I have dozens of partials, ideas, and synopses on my list of “What to write next.” And when I say dozens, I’m talking maybe 4 or 5 dozen. All of the stories would go untold if I don’t write them. The problem is which book idea to choose next.

So, here is a (very) partial list of stories I’d like to tell. I’d love input from you of what to write after the first on my list, which is what I’m currently working.

Writing as Patricia Lewin

Out of the Woods: This is the book I’m currently working on. It’s the third book in my Erin Baker thriller series, which of all the characters I’ve created in my books is my favorite. I don’t just like Erin, I want to be her. The series itself surprised me, however. I didn’t plan to create a series, but as I said, Erin captured my interest after the first book, Out of Reach. I realized that her story was just beginning and I had to find out more about her. Thus, I wrote Out of Time and now Out of the Woods. I’ll release it in early 2018.

Sequel to Blind Run: When I first finished Blind Run, I had a sequel all plotted out. Unfortunately, my publisher didn’t want me to create a series. And since I was under deadline for Out of Reach and then Out of Time, the Blind Run sequel never got written. Since releasing Blind Run in eBook format, however, I’ve gotten hundreds requests for a sequel — which of course thrills me.  So soon.  I promise.  Soon.

Writing as Patricia Keelyn

A Mother for Meghan. Years ago, I submitted a partial and synopsis to my agent about a woman raising her best friend’s daughter. I never got to write that book – again, there were the gatekeepers – but the book has always been at the back of my mind, and now I can write it. It would be the third book in the A Mother’s Heart series, which explores a woman’s love for family as well as romantic love.  Something I never tire of writing about.

So, those are the top three books on my mind and the ones I plan to finish this year – let’s see if I can do it.

Meanwhile, I’m always interested to hear your thoughts on what you’d like to see next from me. I have a partial about Eric from Loving Lindsey and Lynn from Keeping Katie just to name a couple. Let me know if there are other characters in my books you’d like to read about, or maybe I’ll post the first chapters of these books and you all can vote on what I write next.



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  1. Debie Dove says:

    I want them all, but I want Out of the Woods first!

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