A Mother’s Heart.

A Mother's Heart BannerI’m so excited to announce the release of three of my romances in eBook format, Keeping Katie, Once A Wife, and Where The Heart Is. There are the first three books in a new series called A Mother’s Heart.

When I first considered how to release these books, I was pretty much lost. I wanted them to form some kind of cohesive unit, a way for the readers to connect one book to another. Yet, they are all stand-alone stories with no cross-characters between them. Then I realized that they all dealt with strong women who make sacrifices for their children and in the process find true love. Whoa! I had no idea I’d written so many romances where the main character juggles her love for a child with that for a man. So, of course, I had to take a look at my other books and found that this is a consistent theme in my books. I really had no idea.

The result was my themed series, A Mother’s Heart. I’m starting with three books, which are available now for pre-order and will be released on November 10th.

I hope you enjoy them.   Pat

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