Fiction Bits

So, what are fiction bits?

Well, I write a lot of small pieces of fiction.  Sometimes as a response to a writing prompt; these can be really short.  Other times, one of my characters gets into my head and I put together a ‘slice of life’ story for that character.

Then, what do I do with these?

Well, usually they sit on my computer.   But, I’ve decided to post them here.  After all, you might enjoy them.

For now, I’ve broken them into two categories: writing prompts and character stories.  I imagine this will change and evolve over time, but this is a good start.

Character Stories

Helen Told Me This is one of my favorite character stories. It’s from a series I’m developing.  It’s not a romance but a bit Dean Koontz-ish.

Writing Prompts

Prompt #1:  You walk into your bedroom and find someone going through your lingerie drawer.

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