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On Being a Mom

Last year, I wrote about my mother. It’s strange how things you don’t expect surface through writing. If you’re interested, go take a look. This year, however, I want to write about being a mom. Maybe we’ll both learn something … Continue reading

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Wine In My Sippy Cup by Deborah Dove

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to read a book about a mom. Also, because I’ve been reading so much heavy (but great) fiction and nonfiction lately, I wanted to read something lighter, something that would make me laugh. … Continue reading

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The Black Angel by Barbara Samuels

The Black Angel (The St. Ives Family Series: Book One) by Barbara Samuel If you been following my book reviews, you know that Barbara Samuel is one of my go-to authors. Whenever I can’t find anything that appeals to me, … Continue reading

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Year One by Nora Roberts

My Review I’m obsessed with apocalypse fiction. (I’m sure a psychiatrist would have a field day with that confession. LOL!) I’ve been reading it for as long as I can remember. So, when a friend mentioned that Nora Roberts had … Continue reading

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Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher Review

Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher I read Jim Butcher’s Dresden books years ago and really enjoyed them.  The Codex Alera series, however,  are a different genre of book.  The Dresden books are urban fantasy or supernatural mysteries. IOW, the … Continue reading

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New Beginnings

          I don’t usually make New Year resolutions, because, well, I never follow through on them. However, this year, my niece Christine, who is also a writer, posted that she has created a No Regret List. … Continue reading

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What’s on your eReader this year?

  This was so successful last year during the holidays–I got so  many wonderful suggestions– that I thought we should do it again. Tell me what’s on your eReader for a chance to win an Amazon Gift Card. I’m always … Continue reading

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Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine

I discovered an excellent new (to me) writer a couple of weeks ago — though I have to admit her name is so familiar, I keep thinking we must have met somewhere in the labyrinth of the writer’s world: a … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the entire process, from getting the house ready and cooking a huge meal to the main event of sitting down with family and friends. My family is pretty relaxed about the details — … Continue reading

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Need a Story Title

Help! I  need a title for my short story about Carolina and Richard in Writing Prompt #1.  In November I’m going to post my second story about them, and if I pick your title, I’ll name one of two main … Continue reading

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